How we do it

For a school to be successful they have to follow a set plan. We feel the same way. To use technology in a school you have to have the right tools and follow a good plan.

There are 3 steps to setting up a good plan:

1: Design

You have to design your technology around your school's needs and culture. Example: Are you a classical school? Will you have a full interactive classroom experience? etc.

2: Implement

New builds and schools that are upgrading and want to make best use of their resources.
This is one of our specialties. Even before we install your network and network equipment we will sit down with you and make sure you have the best and most cost effective options at your finger tips.

3: Train and Maintain

After installation we will train your staff on how to use the technology. We will also set up an maintenance agreement with you to support your school 24/7.

Spin IT has been a great resource for us. They have always been there to support me and my team, even on holidays and weekends.
Trinard Franklin
These guys have always provided fast friendly service and gone the extra mile. I would recommend them to anyone.
Wendy Brinson
Cirrus Academy Charter School , Macon GA.

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